Frequently Asked Questions

Q: (In a primary election) Why can't I vote any party I wish?

A: Florida has closed primaries, and the law stipulates that one must vote the ballot of the party to which you are registered.

Q: My polling place is too inconvenient. Why can't I go to any polling place and vote?

A: Florida Law provides that a voter must vote in the precinct where he legally resides.

Q: There is a polling place close to my home, but you say I must vote in the place designated on my voter's card. Why?

A: You may live next door to a polling place, but if the precinct line should run between your home and the polling place next must, by law, vote in your home precinct.

Q: I don't know the physical location of my polling place. Tell me how to get there?

A: Directions for each numbered precinct are shown on the Internet.

Q: Why are there people pestering me to sign some kind of a petition outside my polling place?

A: The law allows persons espousing certain causes to enlist signers provided they abide by the 100 foot law: i. e. they remain at least 100 feet from the door of the polling room.

Q: Why does the media descend on me wanting to know how I voted when I leave my polling place?

answer: That's one of the normal curiosities of the media over which we have no legal control.

Q: My address has changed since I last voted. Why can't I still vote in the same place now?

A: Again, the law provides that you MUST vote in the precinct where you legally reside. The clerk at your old precinct will complete the paper work for you and send you to the correct polling place.

Q: I own property in Lee County. Why can't I vote here?

A: Florida Law provides that you must be a registered voter in order to vote in Lee County.

Q: I have lost my voter's card. Can I still vote?

A: Yes. Photo identification such as a driver's license, Florida ID card etc. is required at the polls. However, voter's who are unable to provide photo identification will be able to VOTE on a Provisional Ballot.

Q: What hours are the polls open?

A: The law requires that the polls be open from 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM.

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